Automated, Tested MySQL Backups

Backups are important. Through human error or hardware failure, you're going to need a backup at some point.

I have over 10 years of coding & server experience. Just in the past year, I've made & fixed a ton of mistakes:

  • I ran a dev migrations on a prod database
  • I overwrote a production database with old data
  • I helped numerous customers recover accidentally deleted data

Backups saved me each time.

I've asked hundreds of people how they do backups. Here's what a huge majority do for backups:

Set-it and forget-it CRON tasks.

But this strategy misses so many considerations! We also really need to:

  • Log backups to know that they were run
  • Alert on backup failure
  • Periodically test our backups
  • Ensure we lose the least amount of data possible

And for MySQL specifically?

The majority of us are using mysqldump in ways that slow down or stop our databases.

Additionally, having only periodic backups guarantees that we'll lose data.

Luckily there are quite a few ways to backup and recover your MySQL database:

  • Mysqldump can (and should!) be used in a way that reduces downtime
  • Other tools are available to backup MySQL in ways that don't compete for server resources
  • The binary log, all but forgotten, can prevent most data loss & give us more recovery options

The plan:

I'm making Backops to help us backup our databases. Here's the game plan on what Backops will do:

  1. First, we'll start with periodic MySQL backups
  2. Then we'll develop a system of testing backups
  3. After that, we'll create continuous backups for your MySQL database

We're going to start with a limited Beta for Laravel Forge users in early 2019.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up here for updates and to get your place in line for access!

Want a head start? I'm building a course on MySQL Backups to help you improve your backup situation!